About Vincent

From aboriginal and environmental conflicts to political intrigue, I am a multimedia journalist covering Canada’s largest, and most controversial, industrial project in its history – the oil sands.

As a politics and energy reporter with the Fort McMurray Today, I led the paper’s coverage of Alberta’s 2012 general election, a grueling match between the reigning Progressive Conservative party and the upstart Wildrose party.

I have travelled to mining sites with dignitaries, covered land disputes between aboriginal groups and the oil industry, and gave readers something to laugh at when they read the morning paper.

A graduate of the Ryerson School of Journalism, I have worked with the National Post and the Windsor Star. My freelance work has appeared in the National Post, Rabble and The Tyee.

One time, I almost bought a keytar at a thrift store in Michigan, but balked at the cost. When I  finally found the cash to buy the instrument, it was gone. It was the worst day of my life.

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